New York Grapefruit Reed Diffuser

New York Grapefruit Reed Diffuser

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We have been a fan of Nest New York's fragrances since meeting founder Laura Slatkin in 2015. Nest New York Grapefruit Reed Diffuser is one of our best-selling reed diffusers.

This Grapefruit scent features a blend of pink pomelo grapefruit and watery green notes with lily of the valley and coriander blossom that uplifts the senses. The diffuser is housed in a glass vessel etched with elegant, frosted stripes and includes 8 all-natural rattan reed sticks

Expertly crafted with the highest quality fragrance oils, this reed diffuser releases an exquisite scent slowly and evenly into the air, delivering continuous fragrance, uninterrupted. The intensity and reach of the fragrance can be customized based on the number of reeds used. If you ever feel like the fragrance is fading, we suggest flipping the reeds to expose the oil-soaked end to the air.

We especially love that Nest New York's reed diffusers feature black reeds, which helps hide the inevitable oxidation that happens throughout the life of the diffuser. Nest New York Grapefruit Reed Diffuser is perfect for anyone looking for a flameless fragrance option.

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