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Every Day until Christmas!
A wonderful shop in Seattle called
Watson Kennedy.

The New York Times

You must check out this store the next time you are in Seattle. One of the best curated stores in the country, hands down.

Grant K. Gibson

Think of us for your company/client gift giving this season. We can handle it all for you!

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Watson Kennedy is a preview of heaven.


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Ted's Favorite Quotes

Objects from travels as well as things that are gifts from friends are a reminder of your past. Surrounding yourself with them in your home creates a layered feel that becomes a look back into your history as your eye glances over them.

Ted's Tip No. 136

Take a moment, or more, each day to reflect, give thanks, meditate, say a prayer, think, ponder–whichever you chose. Time will slow, savor it.

Ted's Tip No. 156

A place card at a table setting is a lovely way to greet your guests as they first arrive at the table. Think out of the box for clever ways to make a place card. Old game pieces with letters are swell as well as hydrangea leaves with the names written right on them.

Ted's Tip No. 177

The gift of a note or letter is one of the very best things. To make the process easier, put a small stack of cards & envelopes out on your desk at the ready. That way you can reach for one easily and jot off a quick note in a heartbeat. Makes someone’s day!

Ted's Tip No. 198

Take time to dream. At any age, it is good for the soul to set a goal and see where the road to achieving it takes you. It might be right to your intended destination, or not. But the journey will teach you so much all along the way.

Ted's Tip No. 210

Pay homage to the beauty of the leaves of your favorite blooms. Mass them together in a vase just as you would the flowers. For the simplest arrangement of green, green, green.

Ted's Tip No. 224

A collection can really start with a few things–by displaying them together you get a much bigger visual impact than if the grouping is scattered about.

Ted's Tip No. 215

A simple bloom or blooms are always welcome in the bathroom. Lovely to have your eyes land on them in the morning as you get ready for your day. Then again at the end of the day when you are getting yourself ready for bed. The joy of surrounding yourself with beauty during your daily rituals.

Ted's Tip No. 205

Roadside farm stands are a great way to get your hands on some of the very freshest eggs, produce and flowers. It is also a lovely way to show support of those hardworking farmers in your community.

Ted's Tip No. 195

Vintage platters are a swell thing to collect. Utilitarian as all get out, they can be used in a host of ways. They stack neatly as not to take up lots of room, plus they are pleasing to the eye.

Ted's Tip No. 184

Take a moment, or many, each day to give thanks.

Ted's Tip No. 176

A well-stocked fridge and cupboard can produce a quick appetizer board in a pinch. Nuts, crackers, olives, jams, butter, salt–all can be called into action. Just add a piece of your favorite cheese and a bunch of radishes and away you go.

Ted's Tip No. 169

Take time to stop and smell the flowers. I mean this quite literally, take a moment to smell the blooms. It does your soul good and it slows your heart rate down a few beats. The moment becomes still and the scent becomes the focus for a brief moment. But what a grand, glorious moment that is.

Ted's Tip No. 165

Think outside the box when it comes to planters. The hardware store can provide plenty of inspiration, as well as tag sales, flea markets and antique malls. You are only limited by your imagination. Drill or hammer in a few holes for the water to drain, and off you go with a new creative container.

Ted's Tip No. 159

Use the leaves of flowers, in this case hydrangea, as place cards. It is an earthy, natural, use what you have, resourceful way to be creative. Use markers or crayons or watercolors to write the name.

Ted's Tip No. 149

Painting your front door a vivid, eye-catching color is one of the easiest ways to spiff up your home–with low cost and high impact.

Ted's Tip No. 141

During these chilly months, a big platter of citrus out on the table brings the sunshine in.

Ted's Tip No. 137

During this busy time of year, don’t forget to slow down a bit, take a breath, and look around you at all the beauty that can be easily overlooked–the details of a historic building, the pattern on woven fabric, the dance of stems of flowers in a vase.

Ted's Tip No. 126

Live with what you love. Enjoy it. Use it. Take it out of the drawer and display on a table for your visual enjoyment.

Ted's Tip No. 117

Lighting a few, or many, candles is the quickest way to add a bit of mood & ambiance when setting a table.

Ted's Tip No. 98

Nature can often supply a design element to bring the outdoors, inside. A fallen branch or a cool looking grouping of twigs, shells picked up on a beach walk, rocks that have interesting shapes and catch your eye–all sweet reminders that bring a bit of nature to an indoor tableau.

Ted's Tip No. 94

In this month of giving thanks, it is a reminder to give of what we have. If you are baking bread, make an extra loaf to give to a friend. If you have a tree filled with fruit, bring a basket brimming with the bounty to your next dinner or party you are attending. These gestures have so much meaning and will be long remembered after the gift is enjoyed.

Ted's Tip No. 82

Wrapping paper can be as simple as Kraft paper & twine and still be ever so chic.

Ted's Tip No. 71

An ordinary roll of parchment paper picked up at the grocery store can be used for so many simple stylish uses. Line an old silver tray with it slightly askew for a visual app/cheese tray for your next gathering. Plus it makes clean-up a breeze.

Ted's Tip No. 67

Pots of herbs can be picked up for a song at garden centers as well as many grocery stores. They are incredibly handy in the kitchen where you can snip and use the herb as you need it when cooking, plus they give you an energizing hit of green in the space.

Ted's Tip No. 57

Clip and trim back your outside plants before the cold really sets in. Bring those inside and enjoy the heck out of all those clippings, as they harken back to sunny memories and are such a hit of sunshine grouped together in a vase or pitcher.

Ted's Tip No. 48

Vintage plates are a lovely thing to collect and have on hand to pull from to give easy variation to your table settings. Look for sets that have been broken up for best deals. Buy whatever number you like, as sometimes having 1, 2, 3 or 4 of a certain pattern is fun and all you need. The variety is key.

Ted's Tip No. 39

When you get home from the grocery store or farmers market, give your herbs (like basil & parsley) a fresh cut right away and put them in glasses or vases on your counter or dining table so you can enjoy them visually. They become like little arrangements–that are called into action while you cook, doing double duty.

Ted's Tip No. 27

The small stuff matters. So often we get busy during the day and time just flies by. We don’t take the time to notice the small things, like the grain of the beautiful wood floor or the pattern of a chair. Stop. Take a deep breath. Notice the details. They enrich our lives.

Ted's Tip No. 18

Many of one thing makes for a striking visual display. This concept can easily be translated into your home for eye pleasing vignettes. If you have many of one thing, such as silver candlesticks, group them all together on the middle of the dining table instead of having them scattered around a room and you will be treated to one strong & nifty visual display.

Ted's Tip No. 11

Turn soon to be stale bread into delectable croutons. Turn oven to 350 degrees to pre-heat while you cut up the bread into bite sized pieces. Scatter them onto a baking sheet, sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper. A winning trio in so much of my cooking. Put tray in the oven being sure to keep an eye on it and move around the bread often to make sure things cook evenly. Pull out when nice and golden. Then liberally dust with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. You now have tasty, tasty croutons for salads or for snacking. These also make fab hostess gifts if you fill up a cello bag with them and close off with an earthy colored ribbon.

Ted's Tip No. 6