Please join us at our First & Spring shop, Saturday the 16th of November, for our first Holiday Open House of the season!


A wonderful shop in Seattle called Watson Kennedy.

The New York Times

You must check out this store the next time you are in Seattle. One of the best curated stores in the country, hands down.

Grant Gibson

Think of us for your company/client gift giving this season. We can handle it all for you!

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Watson Kennedy is a preview of heaven.


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Ted's Favorite Quotes

Objects from travels as well as things that are gifts from friends are a reminder of your past. Surrounding yourself with them in your home creates a layered feel that becomes a look back into your history as your eye glances over them.

Ted's Tip No. 136

Take a moment, or more, each day to reflect, give thanks, meditate, say a prayer, think, ponder–whichever you chose. Time will slow, savor it.

Ted's Tip No. 156

A place card at a table setting is a lovely way to greet your guests as they first arrive at the table. Think out of the box for clever ways to make a place card. Old game pieces with letters are swell as well as hydrangea leaves with the names written right on them.

Ted's Tip No. 177

The gift of a note or letter is one of the very best things. To make the process easier, put a small stack of cards & envelopes out on your desk at the ready. That way you can reach for one easily and jot off a quick note in a heartbeat. Makes someone’s day!

Ted's Tip No. 198

Take time to dream. At any age, it is good for the soul to set a goal and see where the road to achieving it takes you. It might be right to your intended destination, or not. But the journey will teach you so much all along the way.

Ted's Tip No. 210