Sunday Supper Under The Eaves

It has been an incredibly busy & full few months with the busiest and fullest ahead in the coming months. Our niece Aisling was visiting us from New York on a leg of a long work trip. She was staying with her sister Haley, so we thought a Sunday Supper would be a fun way to hang with them out on the island. Pizza is often on the menu when Haley comes to the house as she assists Mister Sive on the prep and cooking of it on the grill. We had fun picking up produce early Sunday morning at one of our favorite farm stands. It was a tad misty throughout the day so we pulled the dining table in and put it under the eaves. The lit lanterns would make it nice and cozy as we watched the boats and barges sail on by. The madras tablecloth I had made a few months ago I am still over the moon with and knew it might be the last of the season meals outside, so it was called into service. It has a bit of a ‘summer-y’ vibe to it, but that did not bother me one bit. It would be a happy table in all sorts of blues. As we savored the meal and the candles on the table and the hanging lanterns started to flicker as the sun went down, we gave much thanks for all being together.