Caswell-Massey Verbena Hand Wash

Caswell-Massey Verbena Hand Wash

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How fab is the packaging on this Caswell-Massey Hand Wash in Verbena. As the packaging says it's clean, hydrating, and refreshing! The perfect mix in a liquid soap. As well as a simplistic design to fit by any kitchen or bathroom sink.

The smaller, 10oz size, is perfect as a hand soap. Restore moisture to your hands every time you wash with this plant-based hand soap, enriched with natural oils and botanical extracts. The verbena fragrance is redolent of a sunny day with notes of bright citrus, leaving hands smelling and feeling vibrant and fresh.

The pump bottle on the Caswell-Massey hand wash in verbena makes it easy to build a generous lather, indulging in the skin-replenishing goodness and delectable scent every time you wash.  If you prefer we also carry the bar soap.

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