Blackwing Colored Pencils

Blackwing Colored Pencils

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If you are a professional or hobbyist artist, Blackwing Colors Colored Pencils will surely delight you. I just love the idea that even the smallest details in your home can be carefully chosen to bring lots of delight to your everyday life, and that is never more true than when it comes to an artist's tools. Blackwing Colors were designed specifically for coloring. Each pencil is made with Incense-cedar and includes a unique soft and smooth Japanese wax color core.

The pencils feel so lovely in the hand, and all twelve colors glide smoothly and deliver true color results. Just holding them feels inspiring and will surely urge you to grab the nearest sketchbook. If you feel stuck on what to get your favorite creative person, this is a fantastic gift! After using Blackwing Colors it is hard to reach for anything else. 

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