Bordallo Glass Fish Object

Bordallo Glass Fish Object

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Another lovely gem from Bordallo Pinheiro is this glass fish object in shape of a sardine. They are handprinted and truly make a lovely gift. Decorate your shelf or have sitting on your desk as a paperweight.

The sardine is found in the northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea, where it dwells on coastal areas, between 25 and 100 meters deep. It undertakes migrations in large shoals that protect fish from predators during the day, in deeper waters, and move at night-time to shallower waters to feed on algae and small crustaceans. It reproduces from October to April, a time when sardines are leaner and not so tasty. The sardine is the most popular fish in summer festivals and fairs in Portugal, as well as the main species used in the Portuguese canning industry.

This Bordallo glass fish object is a lovely representation of Portugal. Gift with our yummy sardines for a themed gift!

Blue, Green colors
Made in Portugal

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