Sea Blue Gluggle Jug

Sea Blue Gluggle Jug

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Since the first 'glug' back in the 1870's, the Gluggle Jug has become an irresistible centerpiece for any occasion, and this gurgle jug in sea blue color would look lovely in many spaces. The happy 'glugging' sound emanating from this fish's mouth when liquid is poured at three quarters full, brings a twist of entertainment and novelty to any dinner table.

Today, Wade Ceramics has an expansive Gluggle Jug range: growing from the original jug to 3 different size versions and a wide array of color possibilities, including this gurgle jug in sea blue color. These possibilities allow for jugs to not only serve as fully functional decanters, but can also be used for decorative purposes and to organize a personal space. Toss some flowers in it and use as a vase, serve cocktails as a pitcher, or let it simply adorn your shelf!

These jugs  are only produced using the finest British raw materials as we are located in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. It's also known as the Potteries – the traditional home of ceramics in England and famed across the world. The location has 200 year history which sets them apart. With craftsmanship at the very heart of the company.

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