Original Artwork for Under $200

I am crazy for original artwork. That you can have a piece of art that was made by the hands and heart of an artist that is one of a kind makes me wildly happy. The last ten years it has been a major goal of mine to increase our original art offerings at Watson Kennedy. From big to small, from major investment pieces to incredibly affordable works and lots in between. My latest idea has been to have a revolving wall at each shop with works under $200. I could not be more pleased with the start. Artists like Mindy Carpenter and Denise Fiedler right out the gate said they would create pieces for this project. A new artist for us, Lorene Edwards Forkner, has been added to our lovely mix of supremely talented folks and created pieces too. These make the most perfect gifts. As well as pieces that can be placed here & there in your home to add little bits of beauty wherever you need it. As I said, this is an evolving and ongoing project that is here to stay. With lots more planned to be added to the stellar mix.