White Blackwing Pencil Sharpener

White Blackwing Pencil Sharpener

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I just love the idea that even the smallest details in your home can be carefully chosen to bring lots of delight to your everyday life. These Blackwing long-point pencil sharpeners are a perfect example of this philosophy, and they make me happy every time I see them on my desk next to a full container of sharpened pencils.

The Blackwing long point sharpener creates a long point at the end of your pencil using a two-step sharpening process. The first hole sharpens the wood and the second hole precisely sharpens the graphite core to produce a pleasingly sharp tip. I hope that this impeccably designed pencil sharpener makes you smile every time you see it on your desk, and that the smell and feel of a freshly-sharpened pencil brings you the same kind of school day nostalgia it brings me.

1 x 2.5"
Matte rubberized finish, German steel sharpening blades
Pencil Sharpener

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