Seattle Pickle Co. Pickled Green Beans

Seattle Pickle Co. Pickled Green Beans

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We love everything from Seattle Pickle Company, and we are so excited to carry these pickled green beans! They have been hand packed straight from farms in the Yakima Valley. You will enjoy nothing but crisp, crunchy, and briny beans.

From the sweet briny-saltiness of the Pacific Ocean in the Puget Sound, to the fertile land that supports the many farms in the surrounding region, Seattle Pickle Company are “combining & brining” the freshest ingredients to create that unique taste you can only find in the Pacific Northwest.

This pickled green beans make a great snack. Enjoy them in cocktails, salads or as a great accompaniment to any local cheese. Add them to a charcuterie board and your guests are sure to rave.

Bar snack
Made in USA

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