“&” Seafoam Green Bridie Hall Alphabet Brush Pot

“&” Seafoam Green Bridie Hall Alphabet Brush Pot

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This lovely seafoam green Bridie Hall designed “&” initial alphabet brush pot features shiny gold lettering and complimentary yellow interior. It is the perfect personalized gift for anyone in your life! Make up your initials, spell out your name, a favorite word, a happy thought, get creative, make up the whole alphabet – the possibilities are endless! 

We love these brush pots for holding pens, pencils, brushes, or other trinkets. Smooth blown crystal with gold vinyl create a classic, yet fun vibe. Unfortunately, these beauties do not hold water. Though, you could get crafty with a little jar inside the pot.

These ever popular alphabet brush pots were designed by renowned shopkeeper and designer Bridie Hall. Originally from New Zealand, she has been based in London for twenty years. To this day all of her lovely goods are proudly made by hand in London.

Seafoam green exterior, Yellow interior
Glass inlaid with a gold vinyl coated with colored lacquer and varnish
Brush Pot
Wipe clean only, Water-soluble, Made in London

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