Salt Cellar with Birds and Spoon

Salt Cellar with Birds and Spoon

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Handcrafted from pewter, this salt cellar with birds and spoon is sure to bring an old-fashioned charm to your table. We love all things birds here at WK. Add your favorite salt, and have one or multiple displayed on your table.

For centuries, salt was held in such esteem that it was displayed in ornate vessels of gold, glass, and silver…and then the 20th century relegated our most valuable seasoning to the utilitarian shaker. This salt cellar with birds handcrafted salt cellar and its wee matching spoon bring a pinch of bygone fancy back to the table. The nontoxic, eco-friendly pewter is tarnish-proof, but it’ll develop a soft, antique-y patina over time—all the better to look like the beloved family heirloom that it’s sure to become. Handmade in Canada.

Salt cellar

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