Roger & Gallet Fleur d’ Osmanthus Box of Three Soaps

Roger & Gallet Fleur d’ Osmanthus Box of Three Soaps

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Just In, or should I say, just back in, heavenly Roger & Gallet Fleur d’ Osmanthus soaps at Watson Kennedy. We have a very long history with this storied French company, representing it for almost the entire time I had my wholesale showroom, The Watson Kennedy Collection. Oh my, that seems like a lifetime ago. It sort of was, but all along the way we have stocked the soaps at WK. Then the company would sell or change distributors and we would wait to bring it in again while our shop stock dwindled. Always coveting any remaining bars until we were freshly stocked. Which is once again! I was so happy to see the shipment arrived when I opened up the Market shop on Saturday, I tore into the boxes unpacking things as quickly as possible. There can be such great comfort in things you have a history with. The scents, like Roger & Gallet Fleur d’ Osmanthus, instantly recognizable along with the pleated tissue paper around each bar of soap. Great care and attention to detail, trademarks of what the French are so good at and so well known for. We are stocking the box of three bars, which makes for one stellar gift. Along with the sweet little boxes of individual bars, each 3.5oz. I love to tuck the single bars into our linen draws to add a lovely bit of scent when you open it up.

3.5oz, 3 soaps
Fleur d' Osmanthus
Bar soap
Made in Paris

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