Pump Decanter with Bourbon Etching

Pump Decanter with Bourbon Etching

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This pump decanter with bourbon etching is the PERFECT way to spruce up your bar. I love having decanters on my shelf with our staple liquors. Just pour from the bottle to the decanter and it is a truly simple way to make a huge design impact. It will hold up to 32oz.

There is plenty to love about this pump decanter.  From the classic Old English font will transport your bar.  To the convenient pump that pours the perfect shot with each pump, whether a single or a double.

We carry this decanter in a variety of styles. The bartender in your life will be over-joyed to receive one or a few liquor options. Pair this pump decanter with Bourbon etching on the bar cart with a creative cocktail book or our fave, the Jack Rudy Bourbon Cherries.

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