Poldina Red Cordless Lamp

Poldina Red Cordless Lamp

N0 37743


The Poldina red cordless lamp is so phenomenal. I have been on the hunt for a lamp to keep at my patio table for a evening read or a lovely gathering of friends. This lamp does the trick. It is a rechargeable LED light, which I love, as it will keep shining and shining.

Thanks to its minimalist clear-cut design, the Poldina red cordless lamp easily blends in with both classic and modern furniture. Its high protection rating also allows it to be used outdoors. The tabletop lamp has a matt painted aluminum fixture, a polycarbonate diffuser and a LED light source. All versions have an on/off function and a light dimmer function with touch control. And if the 15″ is too tall, we carry the mini lamp in select colors!

These lamps do not ship via Watson Kennedy, and will come directly from the manufacturer ensuring an easy shipping process. Though this does mean it could take more time. Please allow a few weeks to deliver. Merci.

Cordless, Rechargeable