Pinot Noir Beets

Pinot Noir Beets

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Award winning and uniquely flavorful, you will love these Pinot Noir beets. A true treat on a cheese plate, especially next to the Victory Pint Pickles! Using very little sugar, orange peel, fresh ginger, bay leaf and black pepper as complimentary to the natural flavor of the beets, these are truly a treat. Pinot Noir wine is added to bring additional depth and flavor. Who does not love that?!

Pinot Noir is complex, lightly sweet with comforting earthy notes lending well to herbs and spices making it the perfect compliment to our fresh cut beets. This mulled wine offers just the right amount of acidity, spice and sweetness to bring out the natural flavors of the lightly sweetened beets. You have to try the Pinot Noir Beets!

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