Mixed Veuve With Coupes

Mixed Veuve With Coupes

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How lovely is this Mixed Veuve with Coupes painting by Jeanne McKay?! For the spring/summer 2021 season, Jeanne was inspired by our decision to begin carrying wine and chamapange, and a theme quickly formed, celebration! As Jeanne was painting this series she reflected, “People I loved were getting vaccinated, restrictions began to ease. By the time I put the last brush stroke of paint on the last painting, we had been vaccinated and were preparing to travel again. Long shuttered businesses were reopening. Although we have a ways to go… feelings of lightness are bubbling up to the surface after over a year of carrying an invisible weight.  So I believe that perhaps it’s time to celebrate?” Cheers to that, we so love the spirit behind this series, and this Mixed Veuve with Coupes.

11 x 9"
Seattle artist

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