Mama Lil’s Spicy Green Beans

Mama Lil’s Spicy Green Beans

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If you are looking to a tasty, yet spicy treat, look no further than Mama Lil’s Spicy Green Beans! We have been carrying the spicy asparagus for years and it is a true winner with customers and staff alike. Not only are they crisp and a bit spicy, but they are fat free. We will not blame you for eating the whole jar!

These Mama Lil’s Spicy Green Beans were made in Portland using locally grown ingredients. They are all natural, and come packaged in a 26.5oz glass jar. Perfect for chilling in the fridge. Then pop one in a Bloody Mary or add them to a charcuterie board when you are looking for a little punch of flavor… Enjoy!

Spicy green beans
Bar snack
Made in USA

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