White Pearl Tiny Scoop Hoop Earrings

White Pearl Tiny Scoop Hoop Earrings

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There is nothing more classic than a pearl, and we love the way that Catherine Canino plays with this classic material to create modern, wearable jewelry. These tiny pearl scoop hoops are excellent everyday earrings. These signature pebble pearls are a hand crafted composite: mother of pearl shell is crushed, formed into the pebble shape, then lacquered and polished 18 times to draw out the shell’s luster and hue. This technique makes these earrings both beautiful and wearable. Don’t worry for a minute about metal allergies- the hardware and ear wire are polished 14K gold thickly plated over brass. It’s the perfect accessory to add a little bit of classic glamour to your everyday look.

White Pebble Pearls
14K Gold Plate. Made in NYC.

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