Le Jacquard Francias Pastel Tropical Fruit Towel

Le Jacquard Francias Pastel Tropical Fruit Towel

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The Le Jacquard Français tea towel is a staple in the Watson Kennedy shop as well as in our homes. We love the brilliant colors they come in like this wine tea towel. The color options are endless! Beautiful cotton and linen blend. They wash so delightfully, and can be used in so many ways around the kitchen, whether it be drying your hands, drying a dish, or cleaning a spill.

Le Jecquard Français tea towel was originally made in France, beginning in 1974. 1978 was the year LJF took the white tea towel and put a creative, colorful spin on it! It is woven damask fabric, so both sides reflect the beautiful images. Made of natural materials, cotton or linen, which is tested against UV light which means you will have your wine tea towel BRIGHT for years and years!!

Tea towel
Made in France

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