Le Feu de L’Eau Ciel Petite Candle

Le Feu de L’Eau Ciel Petite Candle

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Musk Le Feu Phthalo Bleu translates to “The Fire Of Phthalo Blue” and this petite candle has scents of  jasmine, greens, and gardenia. Soy wax filling combined with a natural fragrance. Burn time is about 17 hours, and candle is 3 oz.

Making candles since 1968, Le Feu de L’Eau is a family-owned business based in Los Angeles. Le Feu De L’Eau translates to The Fire Of The Water, which honors their unique candle making process.

Jasmine, Gardenia, Musk
Soy wax, 17 hour burn

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