Large Transparent Dotted Tumbler

Large Transparent Dotted Tumbler

N0 25390


These Italian-designed colored glass tumblers accented with white seamed dots are instantly iconic. As soon as we spotted these, we scooped them up for the shop, and have been adding colors to our collection steadily ever since. The unique shape and bold colors of these tumblers introduce modernity to any table setting.  This extra large 16.5 oz tumbler is sleek enough that it is comfortable to hold, but is generous enough that it can work as a water, iced tea, or highball glass. These statement pieces also work extremely well as vases. Set your table with a set of these tumblers for a strong, singular color statement, or mix-and-match colors to make a happy, multi-hued table.

These transparent dotted tumblers are perfect for mixing with any color in your table setting. Sleek and stylish without being minimal, these tumblers will add a touch of sophistication to your collection.

16.5 oz
Clear Uncolored Glass with White Dots
Water Tumbler
Highball Glass
Dishwasher Safe

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