J Lyons & Co Pitcher

J Lyons & Co Pitcher

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Oh my word, I am such a huge fan of vintage English hotel silver. We have been collecting hotel silver for many years and happy to say the shop has amassed quite a collection for you to choose from too! This gorgeous piece is a three-quarters pint pitcher with an elegant handle, and it is stamped with the maker J. Lyons and Co- this item truly stands the test of time. I just adore when these pieces carry the mark of the maker. It feels like you bring a real piece of history home with you. We use our hotel silver almost daily at home. Incredibly functional and stunningly gorgeous with something in them, equally pretty just as they are gracing a tabletop or shelf. This pitcher is gorgeous as a decorative object, but is just as divine as a vase or used as a creamer with a tea service.

3/4 pint
Hotel Silver
Sourced from England.

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