Juliska Isabella Tumbler

Juliska Isabella Tumbler

N0 15378


Juliska glassware has a cult following, with good reason. Beware, if you buy a piece of this beautiful glassware, it’s hard to stop yourself from becoming a collector! Juliska’s hand-blown pieces are made in the Czech Republic. We have been fans of the regional artisans of this area since we took a trip to Prague many years ago. There is a long and deep history of Bohemian glass-blowing and the quality and clarity of these pieces speak to that expertise.

Wonderfully adaptable for water, juice or cocktails, this large tumbler glass feels great in the hand and makes a handsome statement in any setting thanks to its classic spiral berries-and-thread design. This large tumbler performs particularly well as a vase . Mix or match Juliksa’s beautiful patterns, or go all the way and collect this distinctive “Isabella” style, it’s all beautiful! 

16 oz
Mouth-blown Bohemian glass
Water Glass
Made in Czech Republic

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