INNA Santa Rosa Plum Shrub

INNA Santa Rosa Plum Shrub

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This INNA Santa Rosa Plum shrub is kicked up a few notches on the complexity and nuance scale. Another great thing, they use the entire fruit so there’s a great balance of sweet, tart, floral, and a touch of bitterness. This is our top pick for cocktails -it lends a great balance to mixed drinks. Looking for non-alcoholic, try to make a shrub soda, mix 1 part shrub to 5-6 parts sparkling water. We carry a few different flavors so you can stock up your bar.

Shrub (also known as drinking vinegar) has a long tradition as a refreshing beverage going all the way back to the Colonial Era, but it actually originated a thousand years ago in the Middle East! The vinegar and sugar both help to preserve and capture the fleeting fruit flavors while balancing each other out to make a sweet-tart syrup that a perfect base for a drink. Shrub is essentially a fruit-vinegar-sugar syrup.

INNA shrubs can be stored at room temperature, and ideally away from direct sunlight. Shake before using as separation is natural!

Santa rosa plum

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