Hermes Calling Cards with Audrey Hepburn Quote

Hermes Calling Cards with Audrey Hepburn Quote

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These are a few of my favorite things! A quote from the lovely Audrey Hepburn adorn these Hermès  calling cards. You may recognize the amazing box illustration from our Classics Collection by artist Mindy Carpenter. We love when beloved companies do custom pieces just for Watson Kennedy. We love to share the beauty we see with the world in hopes of sparking joy.

There are 35 calling cards in each pack for so much use! You can include these Hermès calling cards in written letters to loved ones, as gift tags, or as place holders at your table next holiday. Whatever you choose these are a truly a treat to the eyes, full of thought!

2x3", 35 count
Mindy Carpenter Hermes painting
Card pack

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