Harvest Tray with Handles, Large Size

Harvest Tray with Handles, Large Size

N0 36972


Practical and attractive, this natural woven seagrass tray with handles can be used to add a bit of flair to any room. While being a unique addition to your space, you can also use them for storing and organizing items. Another tip, use them under planters to protect your floor from soil. Add a mixed size of natural trays or baskets to create a unique collection in your room. We carry three that are all generous in size and style options!

Whether your style is more natural or nautical, this rectangular handwoven seagrass tray with handles creates a stunning canvas for decorating moments. Aside from its beauty and practicality, it’s an eco-friendly option too: renewable and biodegradable, seagrass is a bountiful natural resource found in coastal regions across the globe.


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