Mistral Grapefruit Bar Soap

Mistral Grapefruit Bar Soap

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If you’ve been to Watson Kennedy, you know that we have a lot of soap! It can be near-impossible to pick a favorite out of the hundreds of bar soaps that we offer, but Mistral’s gorgeous bar soaps often take the prize.

All Mistral soaps are made in France to the high standards of perfume and soap makers in Grasse. This bar soap is an all-vegetable soap made with pure organic shea butter. It is gentle and moisturizing for dry, sensitive skin, and has been quadruple milled for long-lasting use.

 This best-selling fragrance is an intoxicating coulis of grapefruit, orange and vanilla whipped to sweet perfection.This bar soap is pale orange in color, and the colorful wrapping makes it a ready-made gift. 

3.14 oz
Grapefruit, Orange, Vanilla
Organic shea butter
Bar soap
Made in France.

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