French Horn Bistro Style Cutlery Set of Five

French Horn Bistro Style Cutlery Set of Five

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Welcoming some amazing flatware sets from Sabre Paris, including this French Horn bistro style cutlery set of five. The set includes two forks, two spoons, and a knife. Perfect for any table setting! I would personally love to pair with our Juliska placemats. The horn and stainless steel make a wonderful combination that will last and last.

Sabre has been dedicated to elegant, colourful and playful tableware since 1993. The French company believes that every table should be a reflection of the host! At Sabre, they love it when you mix up your styles, match different colours and let your inspiration run wild! Sounds so similar to how we feel here at Watson Kennedy! Such lovely utensils, this French horn bistro style cutlery is sure to please.

Five pieces
Made in France, Handwash

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