Diptyque Mimosa Candle

Diptyque Mimosa Candle

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Diptyque’s iconic candles have been the go-to in our homes for for decades. We love the simple, impactful label and the quality of the candle just can’t be beat. Diptyque Mimosa candle perfectly captures the fragrance of the tiny yellow mimosa blossoms that harken the arrival of spring every year in the South of France. It is a sweet, honeyed floral that will bring springtime into your home no matter the time of year.

These candle are carefully poured with the highest quality paraffin wax by artisans in France. Each candle takes two days and eight separate processes to produce the finest, cleanest burning candle. For best performance, burn your candle until the top of the wax is entirely liquified, blow out the candle, center the wick, and trim it every time you burn your candle. When you are finished you can clean the vessel to reuse as a small vase, brush pot, or tea light holder.

6.5 oz, 60 hour burn time
Mimosa Blossom
Hand-poured, highest-quality paraffin wax
Made in France.

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