Dahlia & Shadow Dahlia

Dahlia & Shadow Dahlia

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One of the great pleasures of buying for Watson Kennedy is getting to know contemporary artists and their work. Brooklyn-based artist and writer Julia Felsenthal was introduced to me by my good friend Deborah Needleman. The second I saw her work I was smitten. I was particularly drawn to the smallest of details. Be it a vintage teacup or a swath of fabric, Julia Felsenthal takes great care to add lots of texture and detail. They add an unexpected visual hit that drew me right to them.  I find the pieces dreamlike. This elegant still life, Dahlia & Shadow Dahlia, is framed in a crisp, new, white frame that sets off the glorious orange of the parrot tulips and the deep blue of the vase.

Purple, Green, Blue, Cream
Julia Felsenthal

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