Cotton Flower Pump Soap

Cotton Flower Pump Soap

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We have been carrying la Compagnie de Provence’s liquid Marseilles soap for years and years. Their iconic bottles and fabulous soaps are some of our favorites.  This Cotton Flower fragrance has been a huge hit. It’s  is a floral, delicate and powdery fragrance evoking all the softness and comfort of cotton. This fragrance comes packaged in a simple, white, graphic bottle that fits almost any decor. 

The famous liquid Marseille soap from la Compagnie de Provence is made from vegetable oils (coconut, sweet almond, grape seed, sunflower, and olive oils) , in a cauldron, using a traditional method that produces an incredibly gentle and moisturizing liquid soap. It’s held in a stylish glass bottle with a pump dispenser that delivers just the right amount every time, making it easy to use. A good product that looks good too! We also offer convenient refills.

16.9 oz
Cotton Flower
Liquid soap
Glass bottle with pump
Made in France

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