Cote D’Or Mignonettes Noir Dark Chocolate

Cote D’Or Mignonettes Noir Dark Chocolate

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Each box has 24 individually wrapped Cote D’Or mignonnettes which are bite-size morsels of dark chocolate with a thin layer of rich, intense chocolate hidden within. This dark chocolate features 54% cocoa content which produces a semisweet, rich, dark chocolate treat. The individually wrapped treats are perfect for dinner party place settings, tucking into a lunch bag, or for taking a little sweet on the go.

Belgians are famous for many delectable creations, but the one that has become most synonymous with the country is rich and creamy chocolate. If you are searching for gourmet chocolate with a truly bold taste, there is no choice better than Côte d’Or. Founded in 1883, Côte d’Or is known around the world for smooth, silky chocolate with flavor that has stood the test of time.

We love chocolate of all kinds at Watson Kennedy, and Cote D’Or mignonnettes are a treat we come back to again and again.

8.4oz, 24 individually wrapped chocolates
Dark chocolate
54% cocoa content

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