Red Stripe Cornishware Dip Bowl

Red Stripe Cornishware Dip Bowl

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We have long-coveted Cornishware here at Watson Kennedy, always keeping our eyes out for vintage pieces, so we jumped at the opportunity to stock the revitalized British brand at our shop.

These instantly iconic striped pieces have a long history. T.G. Green was founded by Thomas Goodwin Green in 1864. One of the company’s most popular lines was always Cornishware, which was first produced in 1924. It was created using a nifty lathe-turning technique that scraped blue slip away from its beautiful ceramics to reveal white bands of clay beneath. Those stripes reminded an employee of the blue skies and white-crested waves of Cornwall – which is how Cornishware got its name.

The newest iteration of the company came about in 2008 and reintroduced the iconic striped dinnerware in multiple colors. This vibrant red striped collection is homey and whimsical. The dip bowl size is perfect for appetizers and treats. Buy one piece or buy many, Cornishware is sure to make you smile. 

4" d x 1.5" h
Red and white striped
Dishwasher and microwave safe

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