Trudon Seasonal Gabriel Candle

Trudon Seasonal Gabriel Candle

N0 39964


This year, Trudon celebrates Holiday season with a collection of charms that calls for shared, festive moments, and countless wishes. The idea of charms and personalized bracelets – which inspired the collection – dates back centuries: charms became an elegant accessory under Queen Victoria, who wore bracelets complete with many small medallions bearing family portraits. In the 1950s, Hollywood celebrities, actresses and chic women turned charms into a stylish and fashionable accessory. A perfect hint at Christmas celebrations, Trudon’s charms bring a welcome playfulness under the tree: a clover, a sparrow, a shining star, a game of cards or a pair angel wings, the precious symbols are applied in 24-carat hot gold and they suggest good luck, convey many happy

Birch, Chesnut, Cedar
France, 60 hours

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