Cereria Molla Bergamotto Room Spray

Cereria Molla Bergamotto Room Spray

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New to the shop is this well known, since 1899, and truly delightful Cereria Molla Bergamotto room spray! We are so happy to carry this long time Spanish candlemaker in Watson Kennedy. They are known for using the best of the best, raw materials to create exclusive fragrances like this one.

The Bergamotto scent is a citrus masterpiece, with scents of cardamon, lemon, and sandalwood. A touch of warmth with every spritz of the Cereria Molla Bergamotta room spray. Each bottle carries 3.4oz of liquid. We also carry the Lavender room and body spray if floral is your scent.

Cardamon, Lemon, Sandalwood
Room spray
Made in France, 1899

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