Caswell Massey No-Rinse Hand Wash

Caswell Massey No-Rinse Hand Wash

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Here at Watson Kennedy we have always believed that beautiful, fragrant soap goes a long way to encouraging healthy hand-washing. Now, more than ever, it’s worth it to invest in products that make you feel happy while you keep your hands clean, and this is where Caswell Massey’s ingenious no-rinse hand wash comes in handy. 

This no-rinse alcohol-based hand cleanser is perfect around the office or around the house—when you can’t get to a sink to wash your hands, this is a no-rinse alternative. Caswell Massey’s no-rinse hand wash comes packaged in a sleek pump bottle, and fragranced with our favorite verbena scent. With a 70% alcohol concentration, this no-rinse hand cleanser kills germs and smells citrusy-bright.

The generous 8 oz bottle is perfect to keep on your desk, or to be used to refill your on-the-go bottle. 

8 oz
70% Alcohol
Hand sanitizer
No-rinse, Pump dispenser

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