Archipelago Bergamot Candle in Glass Jar

Archipelago Bergamot Candle in Glass Jar

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Oh how fresh and bright this Archipelago Bergamot candle is! And I love a nice glass jar to reuse after I have fully enjoyed my delightful scent. Archipelago creates hand-poured candles out of Los Angeles and has made some spectacular candles. Watson Kennedy has carried their excursion collection over the years, but this new Archipelago Bergamot candle is no exception as far as fab scents! They have used calming essential oils to create a lovely blend of bergamot, tobacco, and patchouli. Each jar is 8.62oz of soy wax, with a 60 hour burn time… keeping it burning, and you happy for quite some time.

8.62oz, 60 hour burn time
Made in USA

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