Andree Jardin and Fer Cheval Gift Set

Andree Jardin and Fer Cheval Gift Set

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The Andree Jardin and Fer a Cheval gift set contains 100% natural products. Includes one Heritage Nailbrush, one Heritage soap holder and one 300g Fer a Cheval Marseille Soap. Andrée Jardin, craftsman brushier, and the soap factory Fer à Cheval did not have much difficulty to cross paths and collaborate on a common project. Different parts, but many shared values. The most important being the traditional and artisanal work for superior quality. They combined their know-how to offer the Heritage Gift Set, sleek and elegant, including a soap dish, nail brush, and authentic Marseille soap.

The soap dish and the nail brush in the Andree Jardin and Fer a Cheval gift set are made of natural beechwood and proofed with beeswax. They marry perfectly with the Marseille soap, with olive oil made in pots according to an artisanal know-how. Elaborated without perfume, coloring or preservative, this soap has been appreciated for generations for its hypoallergenic qualities. If you’re looking for something simple, we also carry a lovely beech wood nail brush in shop!

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