11″ Oyster Encaustic #2

11″ Oyster Encaustic #2

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Pacific Northwest based encaustic artist Theresa Stirling creates dreamy one of a kind works. Her textural and atmospheric pieces on solid wood of layer upon layer of colored beeswax look amazing hung or propped up in a bookcase. Just one is beautiful, and collection looks incredible when grouped together.

Her process is an honest one, with honest materials. Slowly heating beeswax and pure pigments; layering brushstrokes of hot wax over birch panel, then firing it. It is primal, mesmerizing, ancient-yet-contemporary. The process, with a blowtorch is so tactile & satisfying, and so is the final art.

In some cases, Theresa’s art feel like still-lifes, celebrating simple items that come from the sea. In other cases, the sensual layers of color seem to evoke landscapes or seascapes that look and feel different to the eye of each beholder. We love carrying her work in our shop.

11 x 11"
Yellow, Purple, Peach
Encaustic Beeswax Art
Washington Artist

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